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I know it's been long, but no reason not to keep the Roomies love on and going!
I'm gonna be renewing the site and adding as much info and things as I can, so stay tunned for it. Shane's got a new TV project, so we definitely have a lot to say about it. Be patient!

// 05-09-2010

What's left...

There isn't much news considering ER is done, but let's give it a shoot:
Apparently, Parminder took home two of the ward doors as a memento when ER ended.

The star, who played Dr. Neela Rasgotra in the Emmy Award-winning series, took two of the ward doors from the show as a memento when it ended its run earlier this year.

And now Nagra wants to fit the doors into her Los Angeles mansion - but worries it will look too much like a hospital.

She says, "I've absolutely no idea where I am going to put them in the house and we are going to have to do it really artistically, but I guess we'll find a way.

"When you've been on a show for so long and love it so much, you have got to take something - but I don't want my house looking like the inside of E.R.!"

Shane was spotted with Zelda Williams hitting up Bardot lounge in West Hollywood on August 12. Last Saturday, he was looking really good at the "Hot Summer Nights Playboy Party".

Thanks to zaclevi at YouTube, you can enjoy some Warner Channel commercials featuring Mindi. You can also check exclusive WBLA interviews with her. Just search for "ER" in the menu at your left, and click the videos to watch them.
Last we have ER's 11th Season Review, which includes a mention of our Roomies:

Even as ER’s eleventh season sees two strong veterans bow out, it’s always introducing new faces and pulling the heartstrings to wrap around the new rising stars. Parminder Nagra’s nervous Neela Rasgotra continues her searching for her path in life after the last season’s events leave her without a residency or even a hospital to practice in (which is example enough for not annoying Dr. Weaver). Then Shane West enters the hospital as a new hotshot doctor whose cocksure attitude makes his life easier some days while putting him at odds with all the other doctors on others. West’s addition to the cast shoves a new vitality down the show’s throat and it actually sticks. The character’s dialogue enlivens the interactions of other doctors and reinvigorates ER as a series.

| Sources Divine Intervention | SR Board // 18-08-2009

Mindi's a mommy!

USMagazine reports that Parminder's baby was born:

"Parminder Nagra and her husband James Stenson are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Kai David Singh Stenson," her rep tells exclusively. "He was born on Tuesday, May 19. Mother, daddy and baby are all doing great."

Us first broke the news last December that Nagra, 33, was expecting.
"We are thrilled and overjoyed at the prospect of becoming first time parents," she told Us at the time.

A month later, Nagra and Stenson, a photographer, tied the knot.
The series finale of ER aired this past April.

They also have an older gallery with pics of Mindi's baby shower.

Remember Shane's "Echelon Conspiracy" DVD will be in stores on July 21st. You can read some movie reviews over here and here.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 27-05-2009

And in the end

I'm still feeling sad that we won't get any new Roomies moments, and this post was long over due.... I guess I'm in denial!
Yeah, we got our happy ending, but boy I wish we had more to look forward to.
Sadly, there wasn't any Shane on the season finale and Mindi was barely on, but it was a great end, to see the ER in motion as usual. It'll be eternally missed, but it had to end so I'm glad we got our happy ending after all.
I've been a bit busy as well, but I wish to keep the site for the Roomies fans to remember, and for those who will fall for them in the future. I guess I'll update on Shane and Mindi and try to complete the missing things, as usual, all kinds of help will be appreciated.

| 14-05-2009

I Feel Good..., I knew that I would now

Was "I Feel Good" great or what?
Just reading Shane's name in the credits was awesome and enough to make me cry, but seeing them oh so happy was too good to cry, so I just smile like a crazy person.
Thanks to Sandalwood for uploading the scene and to babyblue for the transcription!

This Saturday was the ER FINALE PARTY in California. You can see pics of the cast, including Shane and Mindi. Watch a video of it, from the UK PA, in where Mindi talks about growing up in camera and filming with Clooney. It's also pretty funny to know what's Sahrif Atkins favourite ER moment...

Toronto Star is highlighting the best from ER's 15 seasons. Reela made it in the favourite couples list.

| Sources SR Board // 30-03-2009


WOW, I obviously cried lots, no need to be a genius to figure that one!
I can't believe it's finally happening, I didn't expect to suffer and love a couple as much as I love Reela, specially looking back at how this whole madness began.
I'm happy and proud to say that I never gave up, and always stayed positive and hoping for a happy ending, you can check the comments on my YT vids for proofs :P
But seeing it actually there, both of them together, it's just so exciting and great!
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped with the Save Reela Campaign. I'm sure, because of what Shane, Mindi and Wells said, that the fact that we all pushed together for a Reela happy ending was what made them go that way.
I re-watch it and still cry over it, if you want to join me, check the Reela reunion, thanks to Sandalwood4NR.
Parminder was in TVGuide's Hollywood 411, talking about last night's episode and also about her baby, and thinks Neela gained back some respect, thanks to her decision to be with Ray.
I think there's no spoilers for the upcoming episodes, but considering how "Shifting Equilibrium" ended, I bet we'll get more Reela.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 20-03-2009


It can't be here soon enough, can it?
While waiting, let's watch the Shifting Equilibrium Promo and read A Look Back at ER:

Shane West
Dr. Ray Barnett
"At the end of season thirteen, Neela [Parminder Nagra] finds Ray in a different hospital after he had been missing for several weeks. She also finds that he has been in a huge accident and that his legs have been amputated. It was a very difficult scene to shoot, and everyone was teary-eyed that day. I don’t think we ever realized how powerful those scenes were going to be. And I don’t think we ever realized that the fans were going to be so upset."

Parminder Nagra
Dr. Neela Rasgotra
"One of my most vivid memories is from the funeral scene for [Dr. Michael] Gallant [Sharif Atkins’s character, who was killed in Iraq]. It was a very cold Chicago day. We used real military men, and I will never forget the image of the American flag being folded and the guns being shot into the air. It was such a strong emotional moment, given what was actually going on in the world."

You can ask questions to the ER cast/crew at the NBC board. It says that anyone can answer them, so go ahead and ask Reela!

There's a new video of Shane talking about "Echelon Conspiracy" and a Behind The Scenes from "El Dorado".
Enjoy some stills from "Kerosene Cowboys"/"Rainmaker", final name's still not decided.

If you have time or simply like Smallville, visit Operation Wild Cherry and The Tom and Erica Project Website. Signing the OWC petition will mean a lot!

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 16-03-2009

Reela according to Ausiello

The best TV columnist once again had Roomie news in his column. You can read those spoilers here.
Enjoy "Haunted"'s review by the Indie London. And decide which one of this is right, because Neela was picked as one of Yahoo's TV's Hottest Female Nerds but she also made it in the National Post's ER: The characters that just didn't work list. Funny thing is, this last one thinks that a happy Reela ending will redeem Mindi's character!
As usual, there's a huge amount of Shane news, so here I go:
Thanks to Criss and Randy Arrington via Shane's Real Fans we have a "Rainmaker" update:

Shane was in Russia last month filming his "Rainmaker" scenes (over 20). He flu to Nevada last Friday to shoot remaining 7 scenes. Him, Cam and Rachel are the main characters.

"Echelon Conspiracy" has a MySpace, and in his own, Shane wrote about this movie on Feb 23th, and about "Red Sands" the 24th:

Echelon Conspiracy
My film Echelon Conspiracy is opening this Friday February 27th all over the country...........
Please try and find time to support us and to go see this film opening weekend.
Against a film like the Jonas Brothers, we will need all the help we can get ;)
It was a blast making this film last year in Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, as well as Russia.
I hope none of you will be disappointed :D
Thank you,
Red Sands.......!
So another one of my films from last year (a part of the trio that I did in a row along with Echelon Conspiracy and The Lodger) has come out on DVD today.
Its called RED SANDS and it was a difficult experience but a great one. Mainly because it was hotter than hell lugging our military gear all over the desert and being covered in dirt 24/7.....
Was not supposed to be a SCARY film. More suspenseful and mysterious. More of a slow build.
Old school style ;)
You will also be seeing a bunch of young guys that are going to blow up in the next few years. All talented and all on the rise.
Go buy it or rent it TODAY if you can!
Once again, thanks for paying attention :)

See Shane on the set of "El Dorado" here and here and looks like Shane will star in a movie called Remnants.

And wow, more than 9000 visits is a lot! Thank you!
Can I please ask for a favour? For those of you who love Smallville like I do, and even if you haven't seen it at all, please Sign the Operation Wild Cherry petition. I'll tell you more about it, as soon as its site is ready.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 26-02-2009

Trailer for next week

A little spoiler from CTV's trailer for ER's next episode shows Neela receiving a letter from Ray!
And it's the Valentine's episode people!!!
Which reminds me, Happy Valentines everyone!
In other spoilers news, the casting call for "And in the End", ER's season finale, has been posted at Save Reela. I won't read it, but I'm sure it has to have Shane's name written all over.
Can't wait to see what will happen, and just to keep you updated, Shane's movie "Kerosene Cowboys" is now called "Rainmaker".

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 14-02-2009

Reela Article In New TV Guide

Thanks to the amazing dshortklutz we got a new article where the Roomies future is discussed, by non others than Shane and Mindi!
Beware of spoilers, I'm not reading it myself:

"ER Gets a Major Love Infusion"
ER's longest case of unrequited love is finally getting treated. Shane West returns to the set in late February as double amputee Dr. Ray Barnett, with hopes he'll walk into the sunset with Neela (Parminder Nagra) on new prosthetic legs. "It's great to be able to give closure to Ray and Neela," Shane says. Neela will need Ray's emotional support after her current beau, Simon (David Lyons), is confronted yet again on February 26 with issues from childhood sexual abuse. "Simon's doing everything he can to let Neela know he's right for her," says David, "but there's an unfortunate hiccup. We'll meet [a questionable foster father] who reignites anger in him."
While David says Ray's return leads to "major turbulence", both Shane and Parminder say their text-messaging characters should end up together. "A lot of things are coming full circle for her," Parminder says. Adds Shane, "Fans will be relieved and delighted how it ends."
In real life, Parminder is expecting her first child this summer, but the pregnancy will not be written into the show. "They figured I'd still be small enough by the end of the shooting," reasons Parminder, who wed photographer James Stenson on January 17. Her next project? "Just a lot of waddling around."

ER and Once and Again were number 22 and 2 in AOL's Top 10 TV Shows of the '90s. In "El Dorado" news, the film is part of the Berlin Film Festival 2009.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 11-02-2009

The ideal ending

Hey Roomies! It looks like John Wells is still searching for the ideal way to conclude ER.

Wells said while the overall finale concept for the long-running medical drama has been determined, he continues to work on the details that will offer "ER" fans a satisfying conclusion, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

"You want to try and find the essence of the series," he said "You want to find the thing that people actually identify with in the series and do something that leaves them feeling satisfied for having spent X number of hours of their lives devoted to watching your ongoing narrative."

The Times said one key issue facing the producer, who has worked on series such as "China Beach" and "The West Wing," is how to reintroduce actor George Clooney to the NBC series.

Clooney is among several former "ER" stars who have agreed to appear during the series' final season, which is to end March 12.

So check the NBC site, and rate the Two-Minute Replay of Haunted with 5 stars and vote the 11th as your fav ER season to show how much we love Reela.

Pictures of Mindi's wedding are out, and many ER cast members were there to celebrate. Scott Grimes and John Stamos performed as the wedding band, their gift to the couple, Maura Tierney, recently ordained, who officiated the civil ceremony and Linda Cardellini.
Check pictures of the lovely event here.
There's a new Mindi article, where she talks about her life in shopping and the baby. It also says that the DVD release date of "In Your Dreams" is February 9th.

Have you been shopping for the baby?
I just started. I have to try not to get carried away though, because all the clothes are so cute. I saw some ridiculously expensive designer baby shoes, but I could hear my mother's voice in my head saying: "The baby will grow out of them in four weeks."

Sammy scanned from TVSpy Ireland a little mention of Shane's return in "Haunted", which seems to indicate that Shane's already filmed his second appearance.

Since there's no confirmation about this, you can see some Shane in the new "Echelon Conspiracy" trailer and read some articles about it here and here.
HollywoodTV has a video of Shane and a friend at Bardot, photos at Shane's Real Fans.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 31-01-2009

New spoiler

In People's article about Mindi's wedding, there's a major spoiler of ER's 15th season, provided by non other than John Wells himself.
Click at your own caloric risk.

Mindi's bio's been updated and if anyone has graphics, captures, vids or anything for the site, including Shane West himself, please do so filling the form or mailing me.
Proper credit will be given, though if you send Shane, don't expect him back. Ever.

| Sources SR Board // 20-01-2009

Mindi got married!!

Congrats to Parminder and James for the wedding!
Here's what okmagazine reported about it:

The happy couple, who have been together for seven years, were married at 3:45pm PT in an intimate ceremony before friends and family at an elegant private home in the Hollywood Hills. The wedding itself was a traditional Sikh ceremony known as "Anand Karaj," which translates into "blissful union."

In December, the 33-year-old British-born actress announced that she and James were expecting their first child together this summer, soon after ER ends its historic 15-season run on NBC.

As for her post-baby career plans, Parminder said at the time, "I feel like I will want to work, but who knows what I'll feel like when the baby arrives."

In Shane news, the premiere of "The Lodger" was held on Los Angeles, last wednesday. You can check pictures of the event here and here thanks to Elsa, who also found this fan article about it.
You can see some clips of the movie at bloody-disgusting and the poster of "The Search for El Dorado" in The Film Catalogue.

| Sources Fan Forum | Shane's Real Fans // 19-01-2009

Separation Anxiety

The latest ER episode had some Reela love for us all, you can check it on YouTube thanks to Sandalwood4NR. And there's a bit of Reela from "Haunted" at the ER Final Season New Year Promo.
New year, means new layout, so I hope you like it, and as usual, I'm still working on the site, so some things may look weird, but it should be all back to normal soon. I added a form in the site section, so you can contact me easily.
I'm not sure if there's something new, but you can check ER spoilers at Save Reela and enjoy some "WWDiS" snapshots at shanesrealfans thanks to Viking.
"Echelon Conspiracy" promotional poster can be found here and there's rumours that Shane will be part of "The Crow", remake of the 1994's horror film.

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 11-01-2009

Merry Reela Christmas

Happy Holidays everybody!
It's time to update the site, specially because there's lots of goodies:
There's new Reela spoilers and deleted scenes from the 13th season thanks to AbbyLockhart1.
Shane's movie "The Gift" has been renamed "Echelon Conspiracy", you can check the trailer here, aceshowbiz report of it, movie stills I and movie stills II. and reported "The Lodger" hitting New York and Los Angeles theaters, DVD Details for Alex Turner's "Red Sands" and DVD Package Art for "Red Sands" .

| Sources SR Board | Shane's Real Fans // 25-12-2008


Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn't been much going on.
The only Roomies thing is a new old report of Shane's return. And NBC announced the end of ER, with a two-hour episode, on March 12.
About Shane's movies, looks like The Lodger will hit theaters in January 23rd, "Red Sands" trailer is on YouTube and there's new pics of Shane in the set of "Jack Hunter & The Lost Treasure of Ugarit".
prerna: I think there's no spoilers related to Shane's next appearance, you can keep checking this site and Save Reela for news, though I think the ER people is trying to keep the season finale very secret.

| Sources FanForum | Shane's Real Fans // 13-12-2008

Mindi's pregnant?

And if any of you thought "way to go Ray", then re-read. I said Mindi, not Neela, though I wouldn't mind ER using Parminder's belly for a happy Roomie end...
Anyway, the source of the info is The National Enquirer via Contact Music via ONTD, so I smell fishy.
But I'm gonna admit I teared up when I first read, before reading the source. I think Mindi is an amazing amazing person, and I really want her to be happy, so if she really is pregnant, yay!!!
I'll go before I get cheesier, but I'll update again later, with Roomies quotes, Shane news and Reela clips.
And thank you all for the more than 4000 visits!!!

Reela and Shane

The quotes of "Haunted" were aded, thanks to eds_blue_eyes for the help!
And the clips of "An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy" are now available to download.
The teaser trailer of Shane's movie "The Presence" can be watched in YouTube, though he's not in it. And I have a new pic of Shane with a fan in Perú that'll be posted later.

| Sources ONTD | Shane's Real Fans // 28-11-2008

Shane's news

While "The Lodger" trailer has been released, there's also news on another new movie starring Shane. The name is "Jack Hunter & The Lost Treasure of Ugarit", and is being shoot in Perú.
Some local media are covering this project: Correo Perú,Terra I, El Comercio, Andina, TNews and Terra II. You can read translated version at Shane's Real Fans
And there's also an article in english from HomeMediaMagazine.

Last, but not least, OK Magazine mentioned, in a quite spoilery article, Ray's return to ER, and TV Guide's MEGA MINUTE: THE UNIT, ER and TREE HILL: November Sweeps .. mentioned Ray too, even though he won't be part of this weeks episode.
Oh, and I almost forgot, but the other song played during the Roomies scene in "Haunted" is "Quicksand" by Natalie Walker.

| Sources Shane's Real Fans // 12-11-2008

What's new

There's new ER spoilers posted at Save Reela and you can show your happyness with Ray's return buying "Haunted" in I-Tunes.
I can't find a good software to take screencaps, so if anyone knows of one please mail me.
Graphics and clips will be up soon!
And for those who are wondering, the song played in the final Roomies scene is Go by Sparklehorse with the Flaming Lips (Daniel Johnston cover), you can find a link to download it in Doctors in the house, thanks to iwillrememberu.

| Sources SR Board // 02-11-2008

Today is the day!

Finally, after all this time, we will have a Roomies episode on ER!
And as if that wasn't good enough, there's a new interview with Shane about this episode, all about Mindi as a guest on Late Show last night and spoilers from behind the scenes.
Once again, Ray's return to ER stand out on different sites.
Los Angeles Times, BuddyTV and Star-Telegram had something to say about Shane's return.
I haven't read any of those, because I'm anti-spoilers, but I will once I get to see the episode!


I'm so happy, the episode was amazing!!! I cried, shaked, laughed, everything at once!
I have some things to share, including the Roomies moments from last night, versions of the previously posted interviews available at You Tube and a new old interview with Shane:
ER "Haunted" - RAY & NEELA: THE ROOMIES REUNITE! | by Sandalwood
"Haunted" | full episode
"Haunted" | Captures by Dingbat
E! | Set visit
Access Hollywood | On location interview
Daily 10 | Interviews
ET | Old interview with Shane
Late Show | Parminder's interview
EW | ER's rating
aidswalk | AWLA 2008

The transcripts, some graphics and Roomies scenes from "Haunted" will be available soon :D

| Sources SR Board // 30-10-2008

Set visit!

E! Online have posted a full of SPOILERS on set interview with Shane & Mindi.

And it seems like Parminder will be on Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight!
She'll probably be there to talk a lot about the Roomies, so if she mentions the world Reela I'll die... of happyness! I won't miss Haunted for anything in the world!

| Sources SR Board // 29-10-2008


OMFG there's a new spoilerish pic of this thursdays episode, and is the most amazing cute picture in the whole wide world ever!!!!!.
Ray's return was mentioned again, this time in zap2it, Boston Herald and The Press Enterprise.

There's a new still of Shane in "The Presence", day 7.

| Sources Shane's Real Fans | SR Board // 27-10-2008

"Parental Guidance"

You can now download the Roomies scene from ER's 4th episode.
Ray's return was mentioned in MercuryNews as one of Chuck Barney's TV picks for next week.

There's also new info on Shane's movies: filming "The Presence", day 9 and "The Elder Son" DVD release.

| Sources Shane's Real Fans | SR Board // 26-10-2008

Is it just me crying?

Thanks a million to Sandalwood who uploaded the promo of ER's 5th episode, "Haunted"..
It also has a bit of Reela from the 4th episode, so if you haven't seen that episode, you can skip it to 1.00.
I'm still teary, I can't believe it!!!! WE DID IT!!!!


You can now check the complete promo at Spoiler TV, the screencaps at Save Reela and read the transcript here. Thanks to Genocidal Smasher!

| Sources Shane's Real Fans |SR Board // 24-10-2008

Shane in TV Guide

In the newest issue of TV Guide there's a small interview with Shane, talking about his return to ER.
It's kinda spoilerish, so beware.

When we last saw Dr. Ray Barnett on May 17th, 2007, he was a bitter double amputee headed back home, leaving an unhappy Neela behind. Tonight, Shane West returns to County for the first of two appearances.

Why revisit ER?
There was always the idea of bringing Ray back for some resolution because of the way he left. When they asked me to do a couple of episodes, I said, "Sure, as long as it's positive."

Why is he back?
He wants to show Neela he's stronger and in much better spirits. You'll see they really miss each other...there's lingering chemistry. I think people will be happy.

Any regrets about not staying?
I love everybody, but if I'd stayed, I couldn't have done five films in the last year. I was able to do a Hitchcock remake called "The Lodger," which was awesome. I play a cocky detective who's partnered with Alfred Malina. Still the show was one of the best experiences I ever had and I miss it.

| Sources SR Board // 22-10-2008

"The Presence"

Pictures and info of the shooting of Shane's new movie are out, thanks to Tom Rice.
Day I | Day II

10 days for Haunted!!! I can't wait :D


The media section's been added!
More vids and graphics will be added soon.
You can submit your Reela graphics or vids clicking here.

| Sources Shane's Real Fans // 20-10-2008

Promo pics

"Haunted" promotional pictures have surfaced, if you want to be spoiled, check them here.
In case you're wondering, I've read Shane's on the pics :D

| Sources SR Board // 17-10-2008

"Heroic Return"

In an interview of Sept 17th, David Zabel metioned Ray's return, check out what he said, though is kinda spoilerish:

Blasts from the past


No word on whether Thandie Newton will return as Carter's wife, but newer cast member Shane West is already back to work as sexy Dr. Ray.

Two seasons ago, a love triangle with Neela and Gates (a.k.a. Parminder Nagra and John Stamos) left rocker Ray heartbroken, which in turn led him to get so drunk he didn't see the mac truck coming. In typical soap opera form, he was taken down just after Neela decided she was ready to give their romance a go. She's felt guilty since and the updates from off screen have had him in a very angry, dejected place.

"Ray's actually gone through this terrible period and come out on the other side and it's sort of a heroic return," Zabel previews. "He comes back on artificial limbs and he's in good condition. It's very sweet also and the romantic complications of Neela's life with him will play out early in the coming season."

// 11-10-2008

Shane and Kerosene

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn't been much news, and I've been quite busy doing some gifts for my friend Tabby, whose birthday is today!
Happy Birthday Tabz ♥
The only thing that's new is the mention of Shane in the cast of Kerosene Cowboys and a synopsis of the movie.

Twenty days for Haunted :D

| Sources Shane's Real Fans // 10-10-2008


The summary of "Haunted", 5th episode of ER's 15th season, is available at the NBC boards. Beware of spoilers!

And I officially present you the Affiliates:
Shane's Real Fans and Happy Ending.
They are both great, one has the best Shane info, and the other is a shipping site of Clark & Lois from Smallville, a couple that I love.
Check them out, and if you want to be part of the site's affiliates, click here.

| Sources SR Board // 06-10-2008

happy birthday Mindi!!!

Dr Parminder Nagra turns 33! I hope she has a great day, 'cause she deserves it!

I'm sorry I didn't update till now, but my mom's birthday is today as well, so I was busy celebrating!
Happy Birthday for her too!

In ER news, you can vote in the NBC boards for:

New or old, man or woman...who is your favorite ER doctor and what makes that person your favorite?
There's been lots of smooching going on over the years, but which specific kiss do you think was the ultimate lip-lock that stands the test of time?
Yeah, yeah...we agree that every season was a great season for this show, but you're going to have to pick just one as your favorite AND you're going to have to tell us why.
Love 'em, hate 'em...we don't care as long as they were memorable! Which ER couple stands out the most in your memory and what about them do you think made them so unique?

And you can check the official site of Shane's new movie, The Presence and the Shandi section of the site is complete.

| Sources SR Board and Shane's Real Fans // 05-10-2008


There's new Reela spoilers for those who can't wait, you can read them at Save Reela Board clicking here and here.
There's also info and pics of Shane's new movie, The Presence, Jocelyn Harrison [one of the film producers] said on her page:

Saturday, October 4, 2008
The fun part is meeting and hanging out with everyone here. The cast is really incredible; Mira Sorvino, Justin Kirk, Shane West and Tony Curran. The crew is fantastic! Most are from LA and have tons of experience. I'm learning from the pros. Here are a few shots in and around the set.

| Sources SR Board and FanForum // 04-10-2008

new things

I added to the site the following things:

Reela - Quotes:
season 10 | season 11 | season 12 | season 13
Reela - More:
epic music | fan vids | little things | soundtrack
shane bio | mindi bio | mindi interviews | mindi vids

// 02-10-2008

we love Ausiello!

The guy is sooo cool! He keeps talking Reela on his site. You can check what he said in ausiellofiles @, but beware if you don't wanna be spoiled.
And talking about great guys... check what pic Shane added on his MySpace by clicking here.
Shane's Real Fans has been added as Affiliate! If you want to be part of the Affs too, apply here.
Last, but not least, I'm obviously working on the site still, with the quotes and all, but in the midtime I wanted to let you know in case you haven't noticed, that now you're able to comment the news posted here. So please do that, and try and keep the spoilers marked in there, so no Roomie will read what they don't want or need to. Thanks :D

| Sources SR Board and FanForum // 01-10-2008

new new new!!!

The site is now being hosted by Gertie from Fan-Sites, meaning it will get bigger and better!
As you can see there's a new layout, and if you're interested you can apply here to be part of the affiliates of the site or to contribute with media or info click here.
Soon there will be clips and screencaps from ER to download, just in time to celebrate Ray's return.

// 28-09-2008

The Elder Son

You can check the trailer of "The Elder Son", filmed in 2006 by Shane and also never seen before pics from a portrait session at the Quay Grand Hotel, Circular Quay from October of 2002 in Sydney, Australia.
There's also rumours that Shane may be part of the cast of "Kerosene Cowboys", based on a novel by Randy Arrington, alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Cam Gigandet.

| Sources OhNoTheyDidnt and FanForum // 16-09-2008

What's new

ER was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview. There's not a special mention to the Reela storyline, but our Roomies are part of ER's Dream Team.
Where Ray was mentioned was in TV Guide:

Even for ER, the send-off of rock-and-roll doc Ray Barnett (Shane West) a couple of seasons back was disquieting (and this in a show that dispatched one character via falling helicopter). Drunk and reeling from his unrequited love affair with one-time roommate Neela (Parminder Nagra), Barnett lost both legs after a close encounter with a truck.

"That was a shock to everybody" Nagra says. "Most of all Shane, I think."

Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter is already signed on for four appearances and West's Ray walks back (on prosthetic legs) during a Halloween episode. Says Nagra "Ray comes back at a time when Neela needs direction."

Last but not least, you can check the promotional trailer of ER's 15th season in YouTube and the 12th season quotes.

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Is spring time in here, and autumn in the USA, which means ER is about to begin.
There's new spoilers, which I haven't read, so I have no idea what are they about.
There's also a new radio interview from the Philadelphia Film Festival with Shane, he talks about his old band Jonny Was, playing with The Germs, his new film "What We Do Is Secret", and how it feels to be recieving the Rising Star Award.
The 11th season quotes are up: click me!

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