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county arrival

Neela started in 2003, as a med student. At the beggining Dr. Susan Lewis and Abigail Lockhart, whom was still a nurse in that time, didn't like her much.

But time went by and Neela became really good friends with Abby. It began when they decided to study together, because Neela's biggest issue was his lack of tact with patients, she couldn't follow her instincts and see beyond the study books. Abby, on the other hand, had problems with the study, but her relation with the patients was excelent, thanks to her experience as nurse.
When Dr. Lewis left, their relation got stronger. Neela went to a phase of not knowing if she wanted to be a doctor, so she quit to her residence in Michigan's University. She had no place to live back in chicago, so she ended crashing on Abby's sofa.

Ray made his first appearance on 2004. Since the beggining was clear that medicine wasn't the only thing ocuppying his mind.
He has a rock band, but that didn't last much, cause when her band got an offer to go on tour, and he asked for license to Kerry, she said no. When he finally managed to convince her, his band let him know that they wanted as a member anymore, cause he seems more compromised with the hospital than to them.

welcome roomie!

Since their firsts encounters, the connection between them was undeniable.
For example, the first time Neela saw him (One For The Road - 11 X 01), she asked Abby in a very interested way who was him. Ray called her Dr. Jumbomart and Badass when he barely knew her. In "A Shot in the Dark" (11 X 08) Neela looked for him cause he had "abandoned a kid that had to make the most important decition of his life". She pointed how he left the hospital when his shift was over, cause he had a gig. So Neela went on a cab to the place of the concert, just to lecture him...

In the episode "Only Connect" (11 X 11) Ray offers Neela to share his apartment, cause they both needed to share the bills. According to the plan they would try to make opposite shifts, so they wouldn't have to see much on the department. But after the infamous handshake that closed the deal, Neela said to herself that she "was going to regret this", probably feeling that their deal was not gonna stay that way much long, and that it would ultimately become something else.


In the beggining Neela was attracted by Dr. Luka Kovac, but on the middle of the 10th season her feelings for another ER doctor grow. Michael Gallant and Neela had a relation, despite his decition of leaving Chicago to go as a doctor to Irak several times. When he came back to the States (episode "Two Ships"), they decided to follow a crazy and rushed idea: getting married.
She was very insecure of that decition, cause after all, she and Michael lived most of the relation through letters. Not long before they got married, and in the middle of a search for a house for them to live, Mike decided to go back to Irak. Neela told him that she would travel with him, but he didn't let her, and they have a tough fight.
During the episode "Two Ships", Neela met Gates, a paramedic. He hitted on her, but she was with Gallant, so she told him that she would only look at him id she wasn't with someone else.
Ray on the other hand, had several short relations with different ladies. The most known were Jessica, who was part of "The Show Must Go On" (12 X 22), and Zoe Butler, whose father was a pain in the back for Ray, cause not only she was a minor, but his father abuse of her, and she got to escape with her sister.

more than friends

When Michael left, Ray & Neela got closer, despite the rough beggining, with time they got used to one another , until without even noticing, their friendship became something else.
Little by little, in each episode you could tell that there was something more behind this Roomies relation. That became obvious when Ray informed Neela that he had to change his shift schedule, which meant that the whole idea of working during opposites shifts, was left behind.
The fact that they shared the place, made them know each other in every aspect. Their relation was not professional anymore, cause they were living together.
Like we all know, Neela wasn't happy with the night affairs of her roomie or his rock friends fainted on the couch. Ray changed that behaviour, and went from relaxed rocker to a real doctor. This change included the end of the one-night stands girls, which helped them to spend more time together.
After lots of life-together moments, some more suggestive scenes were spotted, like the collision during the Brett conversation, the glances that were pretty obvious and said a lot more than what they were actually saying, and the times that they helped each other.

neeray limb

And if all the other things weren't enough, the three more important episodes made clear what they were feeling.
It began with Out On a Limb (12 X 16), where at first he makes fun of his cookies, but ends with them sharing a beer in the couch of the apartment and Ray saying "Anything for my Roomie", cause he had recorded WPT for her, but we know he was actually talking in general. Oh and she leaning on his shoulder and Ray looking at her was very squeeing worthy too!
Then Lost In America (12 X 17) was very important for the shippers from the beggining, when Ray woke up and find Nee getting ready to give a conference with Dubenko. Neela's shirt had a stain of coffee and he started cleaning it for her while they had a chat very closely. This made Neela nervous and she literally run out saying that Dubenko was going to kill her if she was late.
The conference was a huge failure and Neela ended having some drinks in the bar of the hotel where the conference was held with Lucien. There she confessed that all she wanted to do was go home and hang with her roomie. By the time she finishes the sentence you can see in her face that something happened, hitted her.
When she gets to the apartment Ray is cooking, he makes her try the food, but she says that she should move out and they both know why.
The last major Roomie episode was Strange Bedfellows (12 X 18). On this one Neela told Ray that she started to look for a place to live, and his face shows that he didn't wanted her to go. Gallant parents arrived and she spends the day with them. She has a very interesting chat with Mike's mother. Neela had revealed that she was interested on impproving on her career, but the woman says that that's impossible if your husband is part of the army, insinuating that if she really wants that, she has to leave Michael and his career to follow her own path.
Ray arrives to the apartment with some pizzas just in time to see Neela finishing the packing. They both shared some nervous words and then we found out that Neela's been sleeping with Ray's shirt all this time.
And then there's THE scene, where there might have been a kiss, cause they both leaned and all, but she end ups leaving the apartment. She is about to get into a cab on the street when he cames and says that she is the best friend he ever had. Then he says that she can have the shirt, but Neela leaves without saying a word.

tragic times

Later on, Neela receives two news in the hospital, Dubenko tells her that she had the surgery elective. But the other one, is that Michael was killed in Irak. This was a very hard blow up, that made her feel guilty because of her feelings over Ray, and made her take distance from him. And upon this, she argued with Michael's father during the service, who thought it was good that his son had come back to Irak, the opposite of what Neela thought.
When the funeral was done, Neela and Pratt received the news of a shooting in the County, so they headed there to try to help.
Steve, father of Alex, and one of his mates from prison, was responsible for it, when his attempt to escape the custody to be free got complicated.
Ray was in the hospital, but luckyly enough, he was not in the ER when it happened.
Abby and Jerry were hurted, making her had an earlier deliver. Jerry had a surgery, in which Neela adviced Dubenko in the right moment, even though she was not part of the staff. That help was vital, and the surgery ended well.

getting back to normal

Once all the drama was over, it was time to celebrate. The ER people went to Ike's, but sadly enough, Gates was there too. Neela was talking to Ray, but he interrupted, and so she introduced them.
Then it was Neela's time to join the surgery team, since it was her elective, she started working with Dubenko.
And there she met Katey Alvaro, another surgery student, who was present when Ray went to give her the mail that he was still receiving in his apartment.